Blackjack Strategies

Play the European Blackjack at the French casino! See the jeux de casino site for further info! if you go and search on the internet you will find a number of online, blackjack strategies but unfortunately many of them do not work. Those that actually might be good are often complicated and new players find it very difficult to apply them while playing blackjack in online casino sites.

The basic online blackjack strategy will tell you that you need to come as close to 21 points if you wish to win. If the points go above 21, then you will be busted. So in order to avoid this, you have to know how to value hands. The basic online blackjack strategy will teach how to do this. The cards from the number two to nine retain their face value whereas king, queen and jack have the card value of ten. Ace is a unique card in blackjack and any basic online blackjack strategy will tell you why. You can use the ace card for one point or eleven points, depending upon the situation. In order to form your basic online blackjack strategy, you have to take into consideration the dealers up card as well as your own two cards.

According to basic online blackjack strategy, a player has a hard hand if he does not have an ace while he has a soft hand if he does have an ace. Soft hands are better than hard ones. In case of a hard hand, if the player has a total of 8 and if the up card of the dealer is between two to nine, then a player should take a hit. When a player has nine, and the dealer's up card is 7, 8, 9, 10, ace or 2, then the player should hit. If it is 3, 4, 5, 6 then the basic online blackjack strategy will tell you to double down. So, these were some of the basic online blackjack strategy, many players like to develop their own too.